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Sell That Cell was founded in early 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. I had been running a cellphone refurbishing business for a decade, buying used and broken devices locally from Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook, and other marketplace sites. However, as people were becoming more hesitant about meeting in person, I realized it was time to move online and simplify the process.  

I have bought and repurposed over 5000 phones and left the local selling apps with a perfect 5-Star rating. I intend to continue that level of customer satisfaction online and will respond personally to any issues that may arise during your transaction. We look forward to providing the easiest, fastest way to sell your old devices and earning your loyalty as a repeat customer every time you upgrade to a new device!

Avoid the hassle of creating listings, responding to messages, getting blown off by people who don't show up, and the danger of meeting strangers who know you are arriving with valuable items. Sell That Cell will cover the shipping costs, and we will inspect your device and send your payment out within 48 hours of receiving it!


            To provide a simple, fast and safe way for consumers to sell their unused personal electronic devices to be repurposed and reused. Not only does this keep lithium-ion batteries and other dangerous components out of landfills, which cause damage to our delicate ecosystems, but also helps put cash back into people’s hands during these difficult times.