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We Pay More Than Those Phone Buying Machines.... WAY MORE!
Posted on 3rd Aug 2022 05:01:16 in General

    Why are you selling your old used or broken cell phone? Probably because you want to put some extra cash in your pocket, right? We could all use that these days, but why settle for a little extra cash when you could have a lot of extra cash!?

    Sure, those cell phone vending machines in the grocery stores are convenient (we won't mention any names, but you've seen them)... But what if I told you they are ripping you off? Don't take my word for it; go check their site and see what they will pay for your used or broken phone, then check ours. We pay more. GUARANTEED. If more cash isn't enough to convince you, click below to view our verified 3rd party reviews and see what our customers have to say!

    $50 for an iPhone X? That's crazy! Don't short yourself by selling to the one of those phone ATM machines. Sell Your iPhone X to Sell That Cell and get over 3x more for it!

    Think that's bad? It gets worse... For many models, we pay more for your cracked phone than they pay for the same phone in mint condition - I'm not kidding.... We seriously pay more for a broken Galaxy Note Ultra 5G that doesn't even turn on than they pay for the same model in with no scratches! See how much more Sell That Cell will pay for your Samsung Galaxy Phone Now!

    So what's with the difference in pricing? Well for one, those phone vending machines aren't cheap to build. Then they have to pay the stores to host them, pay someone to drive around and pick up the phones from machines all over town, and pay for repairs when the machines have issues.

    We run our business like a well-oiled machine with as little overhead as possible to turn those savings into more cash for you! We buy over 200 models from 14 brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE, Kyocera, Blackberry, Asus, Nokia.

    Sure the phone buying machines are convenient, but is it worth getting paid potentially hundreds less for your old phone? You still have to drive to the store to sell it to the machine. Why not drive to the post office instead?

   We'll send you a prepaid shipping label or printer-free QR Code Label to mail your devices in to us for free. You'll have to wait 2-5 days for your devices to be delivered to us, but we'll test them and reach out to confirm your payment within 24 hours of receiving them. They say patience is a virtue, but in this case, its extra cash in your pocket. We have several payment options to send your payment through including PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Check and Zelle.